Krista Bilodeau

Krista, with an MS in Education, has been in the recreation field for 20+ years, and is the Director of Camp Venture’s Creative Arts & Recreation Department which is dedicated to making the arts and leisure activities available and accessible to the people we serve. Through painting, music, ceramics, theater, sports, swimming, and the incorporation of technology we strive to assist our participants with self-exploration and expression, as well as enhancing the quality of life by offering a wide variety of hobbies and leisure activities.  The Creative Arts Department brings our community of Venture artists, musicians, and actors to the greater Rockland County community by way of public art gallery showings, special presentations, and annual musical productions. Our participants also enjoy speaking within the community about their love of the arts and showing off their talents with the hope of creating meaningful relationships with community members through shared interests.  Venture also offers additional enhancement activities in a state-of-the-art technology center, a multi-sensory therapy room, an outdoor musical garden, and a newly renovated performance hall and theater.