Paul A. Offit, MD

Paul is the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as well as the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology and a Professor of Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Offit has published more than 160 papers in the areas of rotavirus-specific immune […]

Amy M. Wetherby, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Amy is a Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences and Director of the Autism Institute in the Florida State University College of Medicine and the Laurel Schendel Professor of Communication Disorders. She has over 40 years of clinical experience with Honors of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Her research has focused on improving […]

Ongi Kaplan-Gal

Overview: Ongi is an Occupational Therapist with over 18 years of experience working with children with complex developmental disabilities and their families. She is the lead OT at BIS’s Early Intervention Center. Ongi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Tel Aviv University and a Master’s Degree in Child Development from the University of […]

Mike Lawler and Elijah Reichlin-Melnick

~New York State Assemblyman Mike Lawler was elected to the on November 3, 2020. His district is comprised of the southern portion of Rockland County. As an Assemblyman, Mike is working hard to reduce the state’s onerous tax burden, bring fiscal discipline to its budget, provide law enforcement with the resources needed to do its […]